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Inside the ABI: Catching up with Senior Account Manager, Katie North

Katie North 1.jpgOur Senior Account Manager, Katie North, leads the ABI's Associate Member programme and commercial partnerships, and as she will be shortly be moving to pastures new, we caught up with her to find out more about her role, the best bits and challenges from her time at the ABI. 


Tell us about your role at the ABI – what do you do and why?

I work in the Member Relations, Partnership and Events team, and my role is to engage with Associate Members and help them to get the most value out of their membership. Our Associate Members are essential to ABI’s work and we have such a range of different companies which complement our work and focus.

Most of my time is spent in meetings going through membership services and really trying to find out what companies want from the ABI and how we can help. It’s a fantastic role which has you working with all departments and teams at the ABI.

What’s been your highlight and what’s been your most challenging moment?

It’s hard to pick one from the last three years but my highlight is the Annual Conference. There is such a buzz of excitement on the day and working alongside the events team has given me a unique view into the work that goes on behind the scenes and the efforts that go on for months, if not years, in advance.

My most challenge moment, like many, will be the impact of Covid and our interaction with member companies. Our Associate Member benefits and programme had to change to keep up with the new ways of working and ‘Zoom fatigue’ definitely set in after a few weeks!

Where did you work before, how and why did you come to join the ABI?

Before joining the ABI, I was working at another trade organisation focused on data regulation and marketing including GDPR implementation. When I saw the role at ABI, I thought it might be a good fit, despite not being hugely involved in insurance before, and it was a great decision!

What’s the best thing about working here?

It really is *hold for collective groan* the people. It sounds trite but from the moment you start, you really do feel connected with the team and with the wider organisation. The ABI makes great efforts to organise social activities and are keen to get all staff involved. Over the years, I have been involved in the ABI’s lunchtime running club and weekly choir sessions but there are several social clubs and internal projects for people to join.

My memories of the ABI range from GBBO competitions to 2am karaoke sessions but the best memories I have are of the ABI’s Events and Member Relations Team. There are not many people in the world who can make you cry with laughter at 09:30 in the morning before your first cup of coffee!

What surprised you most about working here?

It was surprised how broad the spectrum and impact of insurance can be. Before I started, my experience of insurance was limited to my own home insurance policy and the occasional travel insurance shopping. As soon as I started, I was surprised how fast paced the insurance world is and all the different elements that make up the glossy, shiny finished item you see in the news.

Describe your team in three words.

Ambitious, driven and passionate.

What does #OneABI mean to you?

It means working together and helping each other out to deliver the best value for Members and Associate Members.

If you weren’t working at the ABI, what would be your second career?

Had I taken another path; I would have probably been a police officer. I don’t know if that is subconsciously due to wanting to be involved in developing a positive community or being raised watching Miss Congeniality and Rush Hour films. 

Last updated 09/09/2021