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We’re boosting take-up of Pension Credit – here’s how you can help too

Guy Opperman

The Minister for Pensions Guy Opperman has written on how to boost pensions credit as part of the Department for Work and Pensions Pensions Credit Day of Action and the wider campaign to expand people’s engagement with their long-term savings.

Claims for Pension Credit were up 30 per cent in 2021 compared with 2019. It provides a massive financial boost to vulnerable pensioners: as well as putting extra money directly in their pockets, it also opens up access to other benefits such as help with rent and council tax, heating bills, free NHS dental care and free TV licenses for the over-75s.

Pensions Credit

More than 1.4 million pensioners across Great Britain currently receive Pension Credit. However, there are still many pensioners – our friends and relatives – not claiming. We want to change this.

As the Minister for Pensions, I’m focused on promoting Pension Credit and we recently launched a new campaign to drive up the number of low-income pensioners getting this extra help. 

As part of this campaign, today (Wednesday 15th June) marks our second annual Pension Credit Day of Action.

We’re working with stakeholders, broadcasters, and groups right across the board – including the ABI right here – to help get the word out about this extra financial support, which could be worth up to £3,300 to our loved ones.

Join pension credit

As part of our campaign, we’re tackling some of the myths that may stop people applying, such as how having savings, a pension, or owning a home could be barriers to receiving Pension Credit, which is not necessarily true.

Similarly, even if someone thinks their reward will be minimal, Pension Credit can still act as a vital gateway to additional support.

And our campaign is not just about reaching older people – we are calling on everyone with retired family and friends to encourage them to check if they qualify and help them make a claim if they do.

If you’d like to know more, visit the Pension Credit GOV.UK page and for extra resources that you yourself can share. Our Stakeholder Toolkit has everything you need.

So please get involved and help spread the word. We know this matters. Pension Credit makes a difference.

Last updated 15/06/2022