• Time for action on the advice gap


    Simplifying pensions language

    The Government and FCA have acknowledged that people need more help in making decisions about accessing pensions, as well as starting to invest. The Queen’s Speech is an opportunity to set a new direction for advice so that providers can offer more support when customers need it.

  • Financial resilience in the long-term savings journey


    The last two years have demonstrated the value of having assets or insurance to rely upon when experiencing life events from redundancy to bereavement. While savings have increased for many, gaps in the population’s financial resilience have been exposed and exacerbated. Ahead of the ABI’s Annual Conference covering this issue, we look at the current picture of financial resilience and how it should be taken into account in policy on pensions, advice & guidance.

  • Change advice rules to help customers choose pension withdrawals


    Pension withdrawals are the key remaining challenge in helping people to navigate pension freedoms. Deciding when and how much income to draw from a pension can be complex, and people need far more support than most are currently getting. Changing the advice rules would enable providers to do more to help customers with these choices, building on the example set by investment pathways.

  • Consumer protection need not hold up pension transfers


    Two well intentioned consultations from DWP and the FCA have widespread support, tackling the crucial issues of scams and uptake of guidance. But as they are progressed they should avoid making regular pension transfers clunkier and slower.

  • Simplicity should be the watchword for increasing minimum pension age


    The Government is introducing proposals to increase the normal minimum pension age from 55 to 57. Our Head of Long-Term Savings, Rob Yuille, tells us why 'simplicity' should be the watchword.

  • What more can be done to help people with retirement decisions?


    Our Head of Long-Term Savings, Rob Yuille, looks at what more needs to be done to help people make decisions at retirement, examining the essence of the problem and the direction of the solution.

  • Rob Yuille: Is it time to do something about your pension?


    As Pensions Awareness Week draws to a close, Rob Yuille, Head of Long-Term Savings at the ABI, reflects on the work the industry and the Money and Pensions Service is doing to encourage people to get expert help and plan for their retirement.

  • Savers have pressed pause for now but what does this mean in the long-run?


    Following the release of industry pensions access data showing savers held back on pension withdrawals during lockdown, ABI's Head of Long-Term Savings, Rob Yuille, looks at what this might mean in the long-run.