• Whiplash Reforms: One year on, success or failure?


    Ahead of the ABI’s event on Tuesday 24 May – ‘Whiplash Reforms: One year on, success or failure?’ and the first anniversary of the much-anticipated reforms, James Dalton, the ABI’s Director of General Insurance Policy, takes stock and assesses some of the impacts arising from the changes.

  • Levelling the playing field for millions of home and motor insurance customers


    New rule changes from the FCA on the pricing of home and private motor insurance come into force from today. Here, James Dalton, ABI Director of General Insurance Policy, explains five things to know about the changes.

  • Is general insurance living through a perfect storm?


    Hardening markets across many product lines is a key challenge taking up significant attention across the general insurance market. James Dalton explores the causes, reputational consequences and potential solutions to this challenge. In particular, he explores how the market needs to adapt and look forward to ensure it continues to respond to customer demands, help customers navigate the current hard market and be prepared for the future challenges that are coming, most notably the upcoming implementation of the FCA’s GI Pricing reforms.

  • The Official Injury Claims Portal is a big win for consumers


    Our Director of General Insurance Policy, James Dalton, explains how the launch of the Official Injury Claims Portal is a big win for consumers, giving them a free, independent service to claim compensation for certain road traffic injuries without the need for legal help.

  • Answering your questions on combustible cladding and insurance


    I recently wrote about the incredibly difficult challenges facing many leaseholders living in buildings with combustible cladding and we know the cost of insurance is only one of those challenges...

  • 2021 must be a year of action on the issue of combustible cladding


    We might not yet have reached the end of January, but much has already been said this year on the issue of combustible cladding. The announcement last week from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government of a new national construction products regulator...

  • 'We have an opportunity for fundamental change'


    James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy, gives his take on the response of the sector to the pandemic and how issues, such as GI pricing, are affecting the sector.