• Government rethink needed on Online Safety Bill to protect consumers from scammers


    Scams proliferated through online advertising have a devastating effect on people, with many victims losing their life savings. The Online Safety Bill presents an opportunity for Government to tackle online advertising and clamp down on this scam threat, and we urge government to heed the advice of the regulator, industry and civil society groups and act to protect customers.

  • What do elite cycling and digital identity have in common?


    Paul O'Carroll, ForgeRock, blogs on the importance of Digital ID for consumers and what we can learn from elite cycling in implementing this. This topic will be explored in more detail at our Digital ID webinar on 10 December 2020.

  • Rising to the challenge: Responding to the pandemic fraud threat


    With COVID-19 continuing to pose challenges for insurers and for customers, and the immediate focus on the scope of insurance cover and the need to support policyholders through this challenging…