• The Future of GI Pricing


    The advance of technology in insurance offers plenty of exciting opportunities. Digitising more of the claims process has the power to greatly improve customer experience. And use of better data…

  • The future of societal risk - and what it means for insurance and long-term savings


    Over hundreds of years, insurers have helped customers manage the financial consequences of the risks they face, but the future of risk presents challenges.

  • Six real world challenges for the insurance industry


    Because Brexit has been a massive distraction from the ‘real world’ challenges facing the insurance industry. Here are six at random: Operational Resilience.....

  • 2019: Strengthen your Resolve to Reimagine Insurance


    In the last few months, the convergence of the shifting geo-political landscape and volatile macro-economic environment has taken centre stage. Understandably the vagaries of Brexit here at home and…

  • The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed


    Good quotes about technology tend to get more prescient the longer they stick around, and William Gibson’s  classic  “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” is just one of…

  • A world with everyday digital advice


    Imagine a world where intelligent, personalised recommendations helping you manage your savings, debt, protection and retirement needs are conveniently streamed to you through a single app for when…

  • How can financial services achieve good customer outcomes in a digital world?


    Described as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” by many, the internet age is changing the way we live our lives; disrupting social and industry norms, shaping economies and improving the ease and convenience of connecting to others or obtaining goods and services. A recent ONS survey, which explored internet usage by age group, found that 97% of 35-54 year olds had ‘recently used the internet’ (in the last three months) compared to 99% of 16-34 year olds.

  • What insurance professionals of the future need to know


    I attended the ABI’s event, held jointly with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, “Fit for the Future: Can Insurance Keep up?” It was thoroughly enjoyable, delving deep into a panel discussion on what decisions we could all make that result in more positive business and social change for the future.