• Why now is the time for a government Automatic Enrolment roadmap


    We all know that most people aren’t saving enough for retirement. It’s a difficult fact, particularly in a political climate defined by the cost of living crisis. Ben Infield blogs about the ABI’s report  ‘Automatic Enrolment: What Will The Next Decade Bring?’, and why now is the time for government to take action.

  • Simplicity should be the watchword for increasing minimum pension age


    The Government is introducing proposals to increase the normal minimum pension age from 55 to 57. Our Head of Long-Term Savings, Rob Yuille, tells us why 'simplicity' should be the watchword.

  • Pots of Gen Z gold at the rainbow's end


    If coming-of-age in 2020 was a film, it might be classified as a horror. Along with many cancelled holidays, a messy A-levels results day and an unforgiving job market, the new financial…