• Have you lost contact with £9,500? With the number of lost pots on the rise, now is the time to pay your forgotten pension pot some attention


    Following the publication of the Pension Policy Institute’s study on lost pension pots, Hetty Hughes, ABI Manager, Long Term Savings Policy, reflects on why this means we all need to pay our pension some attention.

  • How can you engage younger workers to start saving for a pension?


    Pensions are not usually at the forefront of a young worker’s mind. As a 19-year-old I have certainly never thought about my own. So why should young workers start saving into a pension, and why now?

  • Brits are not retirement ready


    Ten years on from the introduction of automatic enrolment, Director General of the ABI Hannah Gurga reflects on the significant impact that it’s had and the challenges that remain.

  • Some suggestions for using the free National Pension Tracing Day employer toolkit


    It's been estimated there could be 1.6 million lost or forgotten pension pots out there and as many as 1 in 30 could have a lost or forgotten pension. National Pension Tracing Day is on Sunday 30 October and invites people to search for lost and forgotten pensions. Employers can help with the hunt by using their internal communications channels to help employees find lost pensions. Find out more about the Employer Toolkit.

  • Why now is the time for a government Automatic Enrolment roadmap


    We all know that most people aren’t saving enough for retirement. It’s a difficult fact, particularly in a political climate defined by the cost of living crisis. Ben Infield blogs about the ABI’s report  ‘Automatic Enrolment: What Will The Next Decade Bring?’, and why now is the time for government to take action.

  • Retirement income in the multiverse of projections


    Evey Tang discusses how retirement income projections can be inconsistent across different providers and income forecast you receive, even from the same provider, could be based on different assumptions. What can be done to bring the fragmented projection universe back into one, so consumers can have a single, simple, reliable estimated retirement income when planning their retirement?

  • We’re boosting take-up of Pension Credit – here’s how you can help too


    The Minister for Pensions Guy Opperman has written on how to boost pensions credit as part of the Department for Work and Pensions Pensions Credit Day of Action and the wider campaign to expand people’s engagement with their long-term savings.

  • Time for action on the advice gap


    Simplifying pensions language

    The Government and FCA have acknowledged that people need more help in making decisions about accessing pensions, as well as starting to invest. The Queen’s Speech is an opportunity to set a new direction for advice so that providers can offer more support when customers need it.