• A new arrival on the Horizon: Welcome ABI!


    We’re big believers in return to work strategies. And the Association of British Insurers are showing everyone how it’s done! The ABI is the voice of the UK’s world leading…

  • Five Reflections on the 2019 General Election


    Director General, Huw Evans, gives his thoughts on the outcome of the 2019 General Election.

  • Political and reputational risks in 2020


    The shape of politics in 2020 will in part be determined by the shape of Brexit – we don’t yet know if the UK will leave the EU on 31 January or delay again...

  • Why financial independence really matters for women


    My whole life I have always been fiercely independent, and being financially independent is really important to me. Hence I have always worked full time, even when I had my daughter...

  • Insurance Capital Standard: a Whole New World


    Abu Dhabi is a strange place. Petrodollars have conjured huge glass and steel buildings out of the desert sand, but the visitor never quite loses the feeling that the marble palaces and mosques are…

  • A little more conversation - time to tackle the taboo and talk money


    Along with sex, politics and religion, money is one of the subjects we frequently avoid in conversation. As far as money is concerned, especially among family, it is time to break the taboo. And what…

  • Gone in 60 Months


    “We’ll be right back after this constitutional break.” That’s the current message from the government – from HM Treasury and HMRC, who are cancelling meetings on a daily basis, denuding diaries of engagement opportunities....

  • Data & Analytics internships at the ABI


    We caught up with our current Data & Analytics intake to talk about, what they love about working here, a typical day and what they hope to get out of their internship...

  • Keeping Diversity on the agenda in Parliament


    In the final full week of this most unusual parliamentary session, the ABI Public Affairs team have been working to utilise every opportunity for engagement before parliament enters campaign mode.

  • Divorce - mind the pensions gap


    My son once declared “I’m never getting married!”  He went on to elaborate “If you were told that you had slightly better than a 1 in two chance of your parachute opening…