• Easing the Squeeze on Net Pay savers and those hit hardest by Covid-19


    This Budget we need to get rid of the quirks in pensions tax relief so that 1.5m low earners who have been missing out can automatically qualify for it and people who have had to use their pension savings during the pandemic are not penalised for paying the money back.

  • Urgent action to create a culture that welcomes all


    The insurance and long-term savings industry has made some tangible progress with aspects of diversity and inclusion over the last few years with latest figures showing that women held 29% of Board roles in 2020, up from 25% in 2019.

  • OECD/G20 International Tax Project reaches crucial point


    The ABI’s Budget submission sets out how Government has a chance to grasp the nettle of reform and create a complementary tax and regulatory framework that drives competitiveness, attracts overseas capital and promotes the UK as a place to invest, innovate and inspire. Here, Mervyn Skeet, the ABI’s Head of Taxation, writes about the latest discussions on the OECD Inclusive Framework and the impact for the UK insurance industry.

  • How to cultivate an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace


    Ahead of our upcoming Diversity Summit, Mel Newton of our event partner KPMG, has outlined how KPMG have worked to ensure their workforce in the UK is as diverse and inclusive as possible, and outlines how key policies and approaches have proven successful for their firm.

  • IPT – the least effective and progressive option


    Ahead of the Budget which will be delivered on 27th October, David Jordorson, Senior Policy Adviser, Taxation, outlines why the ABI is calling for Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to be frozen.

  • Getting flexibility right for working parents


    Working Families mission is to remove the barriers that people with caring responsibilities face in the workplace. As part of that mission, we work with employers (including ABI members) to support them to create, build and sustain flexible and family friendly workplaces. The ABI’s Making Flexible Work Charter is a clear, easily implemented strategy to deliver diversity within the industry, reaping all the business benefits this brings.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: So, we look different, now what?


    The insurance industry has taken concrete steps to address issues relating to diversity, inclusion and equity but in a lot of cases action seems focused on more measurable and achievable aspects of the debate. In this call to action for the industry, David Otudeko highlight a number of often overlooked areas that require careful consideration and must be addressed to create a truly diverse, inclusive and equitable industry.

  • Neurodiversity – the missing piece in the diversity jigsaw? – and ‘GAIN’, a great industry opportunity to find it and complete the picture


    GAIN is an insurance and related financial services initiative that will radically improve the employment prospects of neurodiverse people and meet the talent needs of the industry.

  • We Need to Talk About Pensions


    How do you feel about your finances as you head towards retirement? Most of us don’t want to think about it, but a little planning ahead and some sensible guidance can make life easier. Here are some of the things ABI policy adviser Matthew Field has been thinking about ahead of the FCA’s consumer investments strategy.

  • From 55 to 57 in the most complicated way possible


    ABI is calling for a simpler approach when the Government delivers its planned increase of the age that you can first access your pension from 55 to 57. The proposals will cause enormous confusion for pension savers navigating the already complicated UK pension system. Tax Adviser Dan Gallon explains just how badly the proposed changes to NMPA will impact pension savers.