• Change advice rules to help customers choose pension withdrawals


    Pension withdrawals are the key remaining challenge in helping people to navigate pension freedoms. Deciding when and how much income to draw from a pension can be complex, and people need far more support than most are currently getting. Changing the advice rules would enable providers to do more to help customers with these choices, building on the example set by investment pathways.

  • Is your data contributing to Global Warming?


    Global communication network

    An often-overlooked aspect to firms’ Climate and Sustainability agenda is the serious and significant environmental impact of excessive data storage. The attached blog sets out related considerations and the ways in which the Privacy and Environmental Sustainability agenda can align to support firms’ efforts to reduce their own emissions.

  • Building resilience in a fragile world


    Ray Dhirani – Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF-UK

    Shall we invest in projects that get us deeper into the climate crisis? Or in the solutions that could get us out of it? Find out how ABI members can come to the rescue.

  • Pensions Dashboards: Three Ways to Get the UK Saving


    In this blog, Capco’s Sanjiva Perera and Jamie Saunders share how pensions providers can use upcoming Pensions Dashboard demands to strengthen their competitive advantage while incentivising UK savers to engage with their finances and accrue healthier pension pots in three key - digital - ways.

  • Consumer protection need not hold up pension transfers


    Two well intentioned consultations from DWP and the FCA have widespread support, tackling the crucial issues of scams and uptake of guidance. But as they are progressed they should avoid making regular pension transfers clunkier and slower.

  • The Official Injury Claims Portal is a big win for consumers


    Our Director of General Insurance Policy, James Dalton, explains how the launch of the Official Injury Claims Portal is a big win for consumers, giving them a free, independent service to claim compensation for certain road traffic injuries without the need for legal help.

  • Delivering fair value: An opportunity for the insurance and long-term savings industry


    In this Guest blog José Morago, Adviser to Huntswood for Risk and Regulation, explores how vital it is, in the current landscape for insurance and long-term savings firms to deliver value through the cost and design of insurance products but also through providing support to customers at every part of their journey.

  • Revisions to Solvency II guidance have potential to release capital to invest in growth of the UK economy


    Could optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of the prudential regime help free up capital and have wide reaching impacts across the UK economy as a whole? Read James Isden’s, Insurance Director at KPMG, latest blog to find out more.

  • Making Flexible Work


    To coincide with an appearance at a session of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women and Work, our Executive Sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion, Yvonne Braun, has written a blog about the Making Flexible Work campaign, why it matters and how this is a watershed moment for our industry.

  • Why implementing the Mental Health Standards can make a vital difference for customers


    As an ABI member who has already implemented many of the actions required in the Mental Health Standards, Helen Dick at Scottish Widows explains the difference it's already made.