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Guest Blog: Making a difference - how protection insurance has helped Seven Families

Peter Le Beau, Founder, Seven Families Peter Le Beau, Founder, Seven Families

We know that one barrier to buying protection is that while people understand the risk that is covered, they don’t think it will happen to them. Combined with an overall lack of trust, this can act as a significant disincentive.

The recently launched charity-led ‘Seven Families’ campaign is supporting families across the UK who have lost an income without having financial support in place. The charity puts the families in the position they would have been had they bought income protection insurance. It tells the stories of the families through bite-sized films on social media, showing the impact that ill health and disability has had on their lives and the difference Seven Families has made. This can easily be used by advisers and businesses in the protection industry to highlight the difference that both the financial and physical support makes, when people unexpectedly find themselves unable to work. It can help encourage people to really think about whether they could cope financially in a similar situation.

One of the strongest elements of the campaign shows the value of ‘added benefits’. Most protection policies come with access to a host of support services such as rehabilitation, counselling and access to medical experts that can often be used without a claim being made. Many people won’t be aware that they have these additional benefits when they can be of huge help to people and avoid them getting to a point where they are unable to work, or help them return to work faster.

Who are the Seven Families?

Family one: Tracey Clarke is losing her eyesight. After being unable to continue working, Tracey, her husband and guide dog had to sell their house and became the first guide dog partnership to live aboard a narrowboat. With the help of Seven Families Tracey has been able to gain access to technology that allows her to use a computer again, and write a regular blog in the voice of her guide dog Oakley. Tracey hopes to turn writing into a job.

Family two: Daniel Pinder has been unable to continue in his job since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Born deaf, Seven Families is helping Daniel adapt to his changing needs and review his options for future employment.

Family three: Paul Pickford suffered a brain stem stroke at the age of 42 and now requires full time care from his wife. Initially told by doctors that Paul would never breathe independently again, Paul continues to make astounding progress. Seven Families has enabled Paul to receive increased physio and rehab care and he hopes one day to return to work in some capacity.

Family four: Nikki Thornley, paralysed after a motorcycle accident and spending over 11 months in hospital, is adapting to life looking after her small children in a wheelchair. Seven Families is helping Nikki take the time she needs before hopefully returning to her job.

Family five: Graeme Snell suffered a bilateral stroke and has been unable to work since. Learning to take one step at a time with his recovery, Graeme is being supported by Seven Families with rehab and counselling with the aim of returning to some form of work by the end of 2015.

Family six: Paul Norbert suffers with bipolar disorder and is currently unable to work. Seven Families is helping Paul to live better with his condition and provide the support and space for Paul to feel able to return to work.

Family seven: In 2014, Melanie lost her job as a midwife due to prolonged absence from work, primarily caused by arthritis. She has since had a hip replacement and been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Melanie lives with her husband, their three children and ‘daft-as-a-brush’ English Springer Spaniel.

For further information and to see all the Seven Families stories go to www.Facebook.com/7Families

Peter Le Beau is one of the Founders of Seven Families

Last updated 29/06/2016