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General insurance statistics update

New ABI figures for annual income and expenditure in the UK general insurance market have now been published. The figures for 2012 show:

  •  GI_underwriting_ratio_statsIn 2012, total UK net premiums (excluding home-foreign and overseas) were £33.2bn.
  • Motor insurance accounted for 35% of total net premiums, property accounted for 26% of total premiums while accident and health accounted for 14%.
  • The rest of the premiums were allocated to liability, miscellaneous and pecuniary loss, reinsurance and MAT.
  • This represented a 2% decrease in net premiums compared to 2011, when UK net premiums were £34bn.

The complete figures and other detailed statistics on the insurance industry are available to purchase. See our industry data section for more details.

Last updated 01/07/2016