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Vulnerable households in the North West targeted in new insurance initiative

The ABI is today launching a campaign to reduce the high number of households in the North West who are gambling with their family finances in the recession by not having home contents insurance. The region has one of the highest levels of unprotected homes in the UK, with one in four households without contents insurance.

Representatives from local authorities and housing associations in the region today met with the ABI, the insurer Aviva and insurance broker Aon, to develop greater take-up of tenants' contents insurance schemes. These can be offered by local authorities and housing associations to provide low cost insurance protection to people in social housing.

Kate Carr, the ABI's Assistant Director, Markets and Regulation, said:

"The Government and the ABI are committed to improving the take up of contents insurance among people living in rented accommodation. People in social housing are much more vulnerable to suffering a burglary or fire, yet least likely to be able to cope financially. We are exploring with local authorities and housing associations throughout the North West how the region's most vulnerable households can protect themselves against the unexpected."

Last updated 01/07/2016