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Crossparty consensus on radical longterm care funding reforms essential

The ABI is calling on all political parties to agree radical and enduring reform of how long-term care is paid for in the future. This is vital to enable the public and private sectors to work together to ensure that the UK's ageing population is properly looked after. Responding to today's Green Paper on the reform of adult social care in England - Shaping the Future of Care Together, Stephen Haddrill, the ABI's Director General, said:  

"An ever-growing number of people need access to care every day, so reaching a settlement on long-term care funding is a growing priority. People can only make plans if they know what they are planning for. That is why we need consensus across the political spectrum for radical and enduring reform of long-term care funding.  

"Care homes are expensive, with most elderly people paying for care from their life savings or having to sell their own home. The current funding situation is not sustainable, and given that the Government has made clear that no extra money is available, the private sector has an essential part to play in meeting the growing need for care. The insurance industry stands ready to work alongside the Government to provide a realistic and sustainable solution."

Last updated 01/07/2016