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National Pandemic Flu Service the travel insurance position

As the National Pandemic Flu Service goes live, the travel insurance industry has confirmed that, in the absence of written documentation from a GP or other medical practitioner, it will accept as medical certification of swine flu diagnosis the unique ID number, together with the label on prescribed anti-flu drugs which will include an individual's name and date of issue, for purposes of validating a related travel insurance cancellation claim. The confirmation comes following discussions between the ABI and the Department of Health about the new National Pandemic Flu Service hotline and web site.

The ABI confirmed this week that travel insurance policies of ABI members will cover costs arising from swine flu diagnosis, including medical treatment abroad and cancelled holidays and flights, subject to specific terms and conditions.


Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said:

 "Travel insurance is there to help people who are too ill to travel or who become ill on holiday. We understand that the National Pandemic Flu Service will only authorise an anti-flu prescription to people who are genuinely displaying symptoms of swine flu. On that basis, travel insurers will accept an individual's unique ID number generated by the National Flu Service, together with the label on their anti-flu drugs which states their name and date of issue, as proof of diagnosis to validate a travel insurance cancellation claim."

Customers who use the National Pandemic Flu Service to obtain anti-flu medication and need to make a travel insurance cancellation claim should ensure that they keep all the original documentation they receive, including the label from their medication, as insurers will need it to validate the claim.


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Last updated 01/07/2016