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Strike action affecting British Airways advice from the Association of British Insurers

Following the announcement today of the dates of the industrial action against British Airways (BA), the ABI advises people who may be affected if the strikes planned for the three days from 20 March, and the four days from 27 March go ahead that:  

·  BA is responsible for flight arrangements, so contact them to discuss the options available.
·  Your travel insurance policy will set out what you are covered for. Talk to your travel insurer if you need any clarification.
·   If you took out your travel policy before today then you may be covered if your flight is delayed, in accordance with the policy terms. Some policies may pay a fixed lump sum if any delay forces you to cancel your travel plans.
 ·  Travel insurance policies taken out after today, the day when the actual strike dates are known, will not cover you against any delays or subsequent abandonment caused by the strikes, as the event was known when you took out the policy. 
·   Cover under travel insurance for cancellation will vary. Some policies cover against specific risks, such as illness and redundancy, but not industrial action, while other polices may provide this cover.     

Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said:
"Anyone who is likely to be affected should discuss their options with British Airways, who are responsible for flight arrangements, and, if necessary, their tour operator or travel agent. Customers should check their travel insurance policy, and speak to their travel insurer if they need to clarify the extent of any cover."   

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Last updated 01/07/2016