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The ABI backs Lord Youngs recommendations on health and safety

Lord Young's review of health and safety legislation published today should be the blueprint for a common sense approach to health and safety says the ABI.  

Commenting on the report Common Sense, Common Safety, Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said: 

"We welcome this report, and support its recommendations. Lord Young has done a good job in identifying how badly interpreted or misunderstood regulation, bureaucracy and disreputable claims management firms have led to the health and safety culture being viewed as being out of control.   "We are pleased that the report recognises the effectiveness of existing health and safety legislation. Insurers are playing an important role in helping customers manage risk.  Implementing Lord Young's recommendations can create a culture of responsible risk taking by individuals and businesses, backed by proportionate health and safety regulation, and underpinned by insurance.  

"We are very pleased that the report recommends a crackdown on irresponsible claims management firms. Not only do they help fuel public belief that behind every accident there should be a claim, but they add costs to the legal system, that ultimately are borne by all insurance customers. 

"We must now ensure a better deal for people who suffer injury where someone else is negligent. The current compensation system is too slow, complex and is riddled with excessive legal costs. We look forward to working with Government to implement the recommendations of Lord Justice Jackson's review into civil litigation, to ensure that claimants get fair compensation as quickly as possible."        
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Last updated 01/07/2016