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Insurers helped over 450000 customers weather the December 2010 freeze

Each day during last December's record freeze and heavy snow, insurers dealt with over 12,000 claims at a cost of £38 million1. to customers who suffered damage to their homes, businesses, and vehicles. According to figures released by the ABI today.

During the month, insurers dealt with some £900 million in property damage claims, helping customers get through the coldest December since records began in 1910. This was the highest payout yet made for damage caused by a bout of freezing weather and heavy snow in the UK.

The figures show that during the period:
• Insurers dealt with 467,000 claims for damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.
• 190,000 claims were for damage to homes and businesses, at a cost of some £900 million (75% domestic; 25% commercial). In Scotland, which was particularly hit, there were 31,000 property damage claims costing some £90 million.
• Of the property claims, 103,000 were for burst pipe damage. The cost of these claims, at £680 million, (average claim costs from £6,500 to £7,200) was up 35% on the amount paid out for burst pipes during the whole of last winter. The large number of burst pipes in Northern Ireland resulted in 6,400 claims worth £40 million.
• There were 278,000 claims from insured motorists for vehicle damage costing £530 million. Many of these claims were for low speed collisions, as motorists struggled on icy roads.

Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said:

"Insurers always respond quickly to the large numbers of claims that often follow from bad weather, and helped thousands of customers get through a very tough December. The big freeze highlighted that when bad weather strikes there is no substitute for insurance.
"During a similar bout of freezing temperatures the previous winter, insurers paid out £700 million in weather-related claims. Despite the last couple of winters being costly, insurers will continue to do all they can to ensure that the market remains as competitive as possible for consumers."

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Last updated 01/07/2016