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Insure your wedding goes off without a hitch

With the summer wedding season in full fling and only one in four couples getting wedding insurance, the ABI is reminding couples planning their big day to get insured.

As the average cost of a UK wedding edges ever closer to the £20,000 mark, the happiest day of your life can also be one of the most expensive, so it's worth getting insurance in case something goes wrong.

Here are some of the common wedding mishaps which wedding insurance can cover:

- The four tier ‘dream' wedding cake collapses into a sorry, inedible mush
- DJ is a no show
- The marquee catches fire
- The bride or groom gets a bad case of flu on the morning of the wedding and has to cancel the ceremony
- The company in charge of arranging the flowers goes bankrupt
- The best man loses the rings
- Photographer's camera shatters on the pavement
- A wardrobe malfunction leaves the zipper on the wedding dress in the mother of the bride's hand
- Bad weather
- Someone spills their drink and your great aunt slips on the dance floor, spraining her ankle and ending up in casualty

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance and Health at the ABI said: "While wedding insurance can't guarantee that everything will go without a hitch, it can give you the peace of mind that any unforeseen events will be covered and go a long way to easing those pre-wedding jitters. It won't cover your other half getting cold feet, but it can reassure you that an already expensive day doesn't become even more costly."

"Whatever your budget is, be it the lavish spend of a celebrity bash or those on a much tighter budget, it is important to shop around and make sure you get the right policy to cover your costs and specific requirements."

A range of competitive wedding insurance plans are available in the UK. Costs vary with provider and are dependent upon the level of cover required. The price of wedding insurance cover very much depends upon the insurance package or plan taken out. Competitive wedding insurance cover starts from less than £50. Higher levels of cover are available, and include comprehensive health and illness cover for bride and groom.

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Last updated 01/07/2016