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Words need to be turned into action to bring down the cost of motor insurance says the ABI

Responding to the Government’s response to the Transport Select Committee’s follow up report on the cost of motor insurance, Nick Starling, ABI’s Director of General Insurance, said:

“Honest customers continue to pay the price for excessive legal costs, exaggerated and fraudulent whiplash claims and the poor driving record of young drivers.

“Insurers welcome the Government’s commitment to reducing legal costs through reform of the civil litigation system and tackling the epidemic in whiplash claims. Insurers will pass any savings on to customers that result from unnecessary and excessive costs being removed from the system.

“The Prime Minister’s recent insurance summit has given a real impetus to tackling the causes of higher premiums, and the industry will work with the Government to ensure that honest motorists get the best possible insurance deal”.

Last updated 01/07/2016