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Pump Down The Volume Slow Down And Concentrate ABI Urges Young Drivers To Be Safe And Be Alert During The Bad Weather

New research by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) shows that 55% of young drivers are distracted while driving if they are carrying passengers, 45% by the scenery and 44% by the radio - while around a quarter said they would find acceptable to speed at night (24%) or on country roads (26%).

James Dalton, the ABI’s Head of Motor, said:

“Many young drivers who are not yet experienced behind the wheel find it hard to concentrate when driving, let alone during the bad weather we are experiencing throughout the UK. At this time of year the driving distractions and dangers come thick and fast: driving in the dark and in difficult weather conditions such as in heavy rain, snow or ice and often with friends or family in car. That is why the ABI is urging young drivers to be alert and stay safe especially when driving with friends at night. The ABI is leading the campaign for Safe Young Drivers to bring down accident rates on the roads.”

Top tips for parents of young drivers. Advise your son or daughter to:

  • Plan a route if possible that avoids dark, winding country roads, where there is a higher chance of an accident. A quarter of young drivers think it is acceptable to speed on a country road, however, young drivers driving on rural roads are 37% more likely to be involved in a crash compared to young drivers driving in urban areas.
  • Think about whether they need to drive their friends at night. Over half of all young drivers admit to being distracted when they have friends in the car. If they are driving friends at night this could lead to further distractions, especially if it is dark and on unfamiliar roads. Is there any other option for them to get home, such as chipping in for a taxi or a parent picking them up? Studies from the USA show that a young driver is three times more likely to be killed in a crash if carrying three or more passengers.

· Turn the stereo off, especially if they driving with friends in the car, at night or in bad weather conditions when they need to concentrate more. Our research found that nearly half (44%) young drivers had been distracted by music.

· Never drink and drive. The highest proportion of breath test failures following accidents involving casualties occurred with drivers aged under 25.

  • Don’t use a mobile phone to call, text, or use aps. Nearly a third of young drivers were distracted by their mobile phones while driving. Despite the fact that using a hand-held mobile phone is illegal.
  • Slow down.

The single biggest cause of accidental death of young people aged 15-24 is getting in a car and dying in a crash. The Campaign for Safe Young Drivers wants radical change to the driving test system – to make the roads safer for under 25s and everyone else.

We’re calling for:

  • One year minimum learning period
  • Limiting the number of passengers allowed in a car with a new young driver
  • Curfew on night time driving
  • Zero tolerance on alcohol

Last updated 01/07/2016