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Encouraging equity investment report

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today published a report on “Encouraging Equity Investment:  Facilitation of Efficient Equity Capital Raising in the UK Market”. 

The report investigates the role and importance of the UK public equity markets.

In particular, the report looks into the functioning of the IPO market and secondary capital raising for companies listed in the UK and how the ABI believes it can be improved.

Robert Hingley, Director of Investment, ABI comments: 

"Equity is the bedrock of economic growth and financing through capital markets plays a crucial role in the economy.  Companies need equity to invest and grow and to generate the returns needed to service debt and other forms of capital.  Investors want to see a flow of high-quality, well-prepared and well-run companies coming to the market. Equally, they must be able to understand the investment case and value the asset appropriately.”

Find out more on the ABI equity investment page.

Download a copy of the report: Encouraging Equity Investment: Facilitation of Efficient Equity Capital Raising in the UK Market (pdf 896kB)

Last updated 01/07/2016