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Surviving the heat wave ABI advice to stay cool in the sun

As the mercury rises and temperatures across the country soar, the ABI has published top tips to ensure holidaymakers and motorists stay cool during the heatwave.

1) Motorists should check vehicle oil and coolant levels; as low levels may cause overheating, excessive engine wear or even engine seizure.

2) Don’t leave sunroofs and windows open and doors unlocked – when away from your vehicle, even if only for a few minutes.

3) Always carry a bottle of water you with on journeys.

4) Check the pressure of your tyres and examine them for any signs of wear or tear (for example, cuts and low treads). Ensure they are sufficiently inflated.

5) If driving abroad, ensure your vehicle gets a pre-holiday 'health check' at your local garage and make sure that your insurance policy covers you with driving abroad. Take all your insurance documentation, driving licence and passport with you

6) Read up on the road rules of whichever country you will travel through and ensure you have at least the minimum legal requirements for driving. For example, in most of Europe it is essential to carry a reflective jacket. In Germany, it is illegal to run out of petrol on the motorway, while in Spain a spare headlight bulb is a must. Driving anywhere in Europe without a GB sticker (or a European registration plate) is illegal.

7) Carry the 24 hour helpline number of your holiday insurer and airline with you at all times.

Last updated 01/07/2016