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QA dealing with the storm what to do next

What should people do if they have been affected by the storm?

We advise first and foremost people should stay safe and indoors until the storm passes. Members of the public should listen to local radio and news for updates.

We urge people to contact their insurer as soon as possible if they need to make a claim for damage. Everyone should have all their necessary insurance documents to hand when they contact their insurers. Most insurers have 24 hour emergency helplines and will talk people through the claims process.

We advise people to keep a mobile phone handy in case power lines are disrupted.

How much do insurers think this storm will cost?

It really is too early to tell. We cannot predict what the damage will be in advance. The 1987 great storm cost around £2bn in today’s money, and the summer floods of 2007 cost in excess of £3bn.  Claims for weather are unpredictable, they don’t follow a set pattern, however, this is what insurance is there for. Insurers are well used to dealing with these types of events and will be putting all their effort into helping all of their customers affected.

How will insurers deal with the influx of calls?

Insurers are used to dealing with this type of weather event. Their main priority will be making sure their customers are dealt with as quickly as possible, arranging temporary accommodation and emergency payments where necessary, and assessing the damage when safe to do so. People who suffer damage should contact their insurer as soon as possible for advice. Most insurers have 24 hour emergency helplines.

Will home insurance premiums go as a result of this storm?

We do not expect any changes to premiums across the board as a result of this storm. Property insurance premiums are not usually impacted by one event, but rather on the cost of a range of many different factors.
If someone has made a claim they could lose any no claim discounts that they have built up, which could make a difference to their following year’s premiums. However, home insurance is very competitive so we always advise people to shop around for the best cover for them.

If something like a roof tile flies off my house in the storm and causes damage or injury, am I covered for my liability?

There is liability cover under most buildings insurance policies for such an incident. There may be a limit to it depending on the policy. Anyone in this situation should contact their insurer for advice.

Aidan Kerr, Head of Property at the ABI said:

Events like this are exactly what insurance is for. Insurers understand the devastation that weather like this causes and their first priority will be to work as quickly as possible to deal with claims and help customers recover.

Anyone who has suffered damage due to the storm should contact their insurer as soon as possible for advice.

For more information, see our latest advice for insurance customers affected by storm damage.

Last updated 01/07/2016