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Critical Illness Statement of Best Practice next steps

A review of the ABI Statement of Best Practice for Critical Illness Cover is underway and expected to be completed in Q2 2014.

A full review of the Statement is carried out every three years to help consumers understand and compare critical illness policies and to ensure that medical advances and changes in clinical practice do not mean that definitions are no longer fit for purpose.

The review is carried out in accordance with the Statement’s criteria that no changes should be made to any existing agreed wordings without the following:

  • a clear issue that has resulted (or is expected to result) in industry-wide problems for customers and / or insurers
  • agreement that the proposed change will address the issue

Following research on the number and type of definitions currently in the market (carried out by Defaqto), the Critical Illness Working Group put a set of questions to insurers and reinsurers offering critical illness.

These responses and additional comments have been worked through and used to propose new definitions.

Next steps

The next step in the review process is for the revised definitions to be put out for public consultation - targeting insurers, reinsurers, regulators, the medical profession, relevant charities and other stakeholders.

Following the public consultation, responses will be reviewed by the Working Group and a final version of the Statement produced for publication in Q2 2014.

Read the current (February 2011) ABI Statement of Best Practice for Critical Illness Cover (pdf 255kB)

Last updated 01/07/2016