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ABI members survey 2013 results and actions

The ABI has published key findings from its 2013 members' survey. Thank you to all 345 individuals that participated.

This year the ABI introduced a fresh approach to its annual members' survey, ensuring we were asking the right questions and getting a greater level of responses. The changes included:

  • Conducting two surveys: a C-Suite survey of key issues and the main survey
  • Involvement from three members to help frame the survey content
  • Using the new ABI website to drive members to the survey

The response

In September we invited members to participate in the 2013 member survey. The changes we introduced resulted in a large increase in the number of responses.

  • 345 individual responses (including 71 C-Suite responses), compared to 124 responses in 2012
  • 107 organisational responses (86 member groups representing 57% of all member groups), compared to 61 in 2012

Key findings 

View the results and actions of the 2013 member survey in the slide presentation below. (Click for a larger view)

See the result slides in a PDF document (460kB).

Last updated 01/07/2016