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We are claiming cats and dogs pet insurance claims on the rise

The cost of owning a cat or dog is highlighted by latest ABI figures out today showing that the average claim made on pet insurance has now topped £600.

Last year pet insurers paid £478 million – the equivalent of £1.3 million every day – mainly to cover veterinary bills for treating sick and injured cats and dogs.

Yet, despite the rise in the number and cost of claims, an alarming number of pet owners still risk facing hefty veterinary bills that could leave them feeling as sick as a parrot.  

Figures out today show that in 2013:

  • £478 million was paid by pet insurers, mainly in respect of the cost of treating sick or injured cats and dogs, up 24% since 2010
  • Nearly 800,000 claims were made by cat and dog owners, a rise of 8% since 2010
  • Of the 17 million owners of cats and dogs in the UK, only around 15% have pet insurance

With no NHS for pets, medical bills can be expensive. For example the average cost of treating a dog inured in a road traffic accident is £674, and £300 for a cat;  for a dog spinal surgery can cost £2,000, treating a uterine infection £900. An overnight stay at the vets can typically cost £675 for a dog, and £300 for a cat.

Some of the more unusual pet claims include treating a dog for injuries sustained when he got impaled on a fence while chasing a cat, and removing a marker pen swallowed by a dog.

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Last updated 01/07/2016