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ABI responds to Justice Select Committee report on mesothelioma compensation

The Justice Select Committee has today published its report on the Government’s review of mesothelioma claims.

James DaltonCommenting on the report, James Dalton, Assistant Director, Head of Motor and Liability, Association of British Insurers, said:

“While insurers did not expose anyone to asbestos, the industry has always been open and transparent on its commitment to help as many mesothelioma claimants and their families as possible. We make no apologies for negotiating with Government a scheme, paid for by insurers, that will compensate an extra 3,000 sufferers over the next ten years, who would otherwise go uncompensated.

“Significantly, this report raises the issue of high legal costs in mesothelioma claims, citing an average legal cost of £20,000 for every mesothelioma claim in England and Wales. Excessive legal costs mean higher insurance premiums for all employers, and clearly claimant lawyers have got some difficult questions to answer about why they do not support lower legal costs.”

Last updated 01/07/2016