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ABI response to Mail on Sunday article on flood insurance claims

Responding to the article published today (12 October 2014) by the Mail on Sunday on insurance claims relating to the winter floods in the UK, Huw Evans, Director of Policy, Association of British Insurers, said:

"The report in the Mail on Sunday misrepresents how insurers responded to last winter's floods. 60% of the 18,700 flood claims have been fully settled. The remainder are the badly flooded homes where insurers are working round the clock to get repairs completed and where required, have arranged emergency accommodation and cash payments for homeowners affected.

"In Somerset, the floods left many properties underwater and inaccessible for weeks. Insurers would only been able to inspect the damage and start the decontaminating and drying out process once it was safe to do so. We have repeately warned that it will take between 12-18 months to fully restore the minority of badly flooded properties. The priority for insurers is to ensure that every single victim has their claim fully settled as quickly as possible.

"Meanwhile, insurers are working flat out with the Government to deliver the Flood Re scheme that will help households most at flood risk to get affordable flood insurance."

Last updated 01/07/2016