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ABI announces Barry ODwyer as Chairman of the Long Term Savings and Life Insurance Committee

The ABI has confirmed the appointment of Barry O’Dwyer as the new Chairman of the Long Term Savings and Life Insurance Committee (LTSLIC).

Barry O’Dwyer is Standard Life Managing Director, Adviser & Workplace. He has served on the Committee for over five years with two different firms. He will join the ABI Board in the capacity of his new role.

Huw Evans, ABI Director of Policy and Deputy Director General, said:

"This is an important industry role, and I am very pleased that Barry O’Dwyer has agreed to take it on. At a crucial time for the long-term savings and pensions industry, the ABI has a vital role to play in engaging proactively and helping shape the outcome of the big public policy challenges and opportunities, such as pension reform.”

Barry O’Dwyer, said:

"I am delighted to be taking up this important role at a time when our agenda is packed and challenging. Delivering the exciting pension reforms introduced in the Budget will be a clear focus, along with encouraging a broader savings culture in the UK. I look forward to working with the Committee to address the challenges and opportunities we face to help deliver secure financial futures for customers.”

The ABI has also announced the appointment of a new Chairman for its General Insurance Council Management Committee.

Last updated 01/07/2016