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Fixed legal costs key to getting on top of industrial deafness claims says the ABI

The ABI has reiterated its call for the need for fixed legal fees to be introduced to curb excessive legal costs, that are making industrial deafness claims the new cash cow for claimant lawyers.

In March 2014 3,500 notifications for industrial deafness were made to the Compensation Recovery Unit, compared to 1,000 in March 2012."

Speaking at a conference on 5 November 2014 organised by Weightmans, James Dalton, the ABI’s Head of Liability said:"

James Dalton"Introducing fixed recoverable costs is key if we are to get a grip on disproportionate legal costs that have led industrial deafness to become the new cash cow for some claimant law firms. The £3 paid out in legal fees for every £1 an insurer pays in compensation must be reduced."

Looking at possible industry and regulatory solutions to reduce costs and speed up the handling of these claims, James Dalton said:

"As well as reducing legal costs, as these claims usually involve multiple defendants and therefore multiple insurers, we need to seriously explore if the existing Claims Portal can be adapted to deal with multi-defendant claims, or if there is a need for a stand-alone portal for deafness claims to reduce the 17 months that it currently takes to settle a typical industrial deafness claim. "

Last updated 01/07/2016