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Case studies detected insurance frauds

Insurance frauds detected by the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. View the video footage below and follow the links to the City of London Police website.

Supermarket slip – CCTV footage available

A shopper deliberately slipped on a wet bag in a supermarket to make a £10,000 bogus injury claim. He claimed he has suffered head and body injuries, but the shop’s CCTV footage showed him easing himself to the floor before calling for help. He received a 10-month suspended prison sentence.

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Ring of deception

A man tried to con his insurer out of £20,000, by claiming his fiancée’s engagement ring was stolen while on holiday in Brazil, only for a picture of his future wife wearing the ring to appear on Facebook. He received a six month suspended jail sentence.

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Caught on YouTube – YouTube footage available

A man claimed £17,000 against his local council for the negligent maintenance of a drain which he fell over. However, he was exposed by a YouTube video showing he sustained his injuries from an accidental fall while showing off, not due to any council negligence.

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The motor insurance policies that never were – jailed man’s custody image and picture of his bogus company website available

A fraudster was jailed for four years after conning around 150 drivers into parting with a total of some £60,000 by selling them bogus motor insurance policies (a con known as ‘ghost broking’). His actions led to one victim being hospitalised due to the stress of discovering that she had been driving without valid insurance.

In another ‘ghost broking’ case, The Old Bailey ordered that £658,000 be confiscated from a fraudster currently in prison for selling fake motor insurance policies to 600 drivers, and repaid back to his victims.

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Van conman – diagrams of ‘accidents’ drawn by jailed man available

A conman who made up multiple van crashes to make more than £33,000 from fraudulent claims was jailed for three years, five months. He took out multiple policies with the same insurer using details of unwitting family and friends on fictitious vehicles.

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Strung up – Surveillance footage and photograph of man at music festival available

A postman was jailed for 18 months for claiming that an accident at work had left him disabled, but was exposed when he has pictured performing at a music festival. Following a road accident he had claimed that he could not walk unaided, dress himself or drive. But his claim fell apart when he was filmed playing guitar at a music festival. Medical examination found no evidence of any lasting or serious injuries following the accident

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Travelling to jail

A council benefits officer was jailed for two years following a £88,000 travel insurance fraud. He took out travel insurance with a number of insurers and then claimed for cancellation of a holiday due to ill heath using medical certificates on which he had forged his GP’s signature.

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End of the road for staged accident fraudsters – CCTV footage available

A bus inspector was jailed and motorist received a suspended prison sentence for working together to stage a ‘crash for cash’ incident in an attempt to claim £500,000 from insurers. The driver of the car had deliberately slammed on his brakes to cause the crash with the bus; the bus inspector was the ‘insider’ whose report of the incident was to convince the insurer that the collision was genuine

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Home untruths

A man staged a burglary at his home to try to get £30,000 from his home insurer. He reported to the police that laptops, computer games, jewellery and money had been stolen. He said that the thieves must have used his door keys, stolen from his bag at the gym. However his story unravelled when it was shown that one of the photos of the ‘stolen’ laptops was actually taken after the alleged theft took place. A search of his home uncovered several items he claimed had been stolen. He received a ten month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 270 hours of unpaid work.

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Last updated 01/07/2016