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Storm Imogen insurance advice from the ABI

With the latest bout of bad weather – Storm Imogen – battering parts of the UK, the ABI is reminding homeowners and businesses to:

  • Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and advice from the Environment Agency.
  • If high winds expected, where possible put in sheds, garages or indoors or make secure garden items, like garden furniture and ladders to reduce the risk of them causing damage.
  • Make sure you have contact details of your home or commercial insurer to hand, along with those for your local authority and utility provider.

If you suffer damage due to high winds:

  • Contact your home insurer straight way. They will have 24 hour emergency helplines to get any claim moving as quickly as possible, and will advise on immediate steps to stop any damage getting worse.
  • Take photographs of any damage.
  • Roofs are often damaged by high winds. If your roof is damaged, do not put yourself at risk by attempting any repairs - call your property insurer for advice, including arranging any temporary repairs.

Malcolm Tarling, ABI spokesman, said:

"Storms have been forming a queue to batter the UK this winter, and insurers remain on constant alert, ready to react quickly to help homeowners and businesses recover as soon as possible should bad weather strike."

Last updated 01/07/2016