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Automated Driving Insurers back the safety revolution 100

The arrival of automated cars on the UK’s roads should do even more to save lives than the invention of the seatbelt, insurers said today.

Ahead of an expected announcement in the Queen’s Speech of a bill covering the insurance of so-called driverless cars, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has again emphasised the sector’s support for the new technology.

In January, the ABI and Thatcham Research established a group of leading insurers to address the issues posed by a transition to automated driving.

James Dalton, ABI Director of General Insurance Policy, said:

James Dalton"Fully automated vehicles will be a safety revolution, even more so than the invention of the seatbelt. More than 90 per cent of road accidents happen because of human error and automated technology will take a lot of the risk off the roads. Fewer accidents means fewer people killed and injured, and that should lead to cheaper insurance premiums.

"Ever since the first vehicles hit the roads, insurers have been responding and adapting to advances in vehicle technology. Insurers are already working on how to shape the right framework to keep insurance as simple and straightforward as possible for the future of driving. The transition from conventional vehicles to a world where drivers become passengers will be the trickiest stage but insurers are committed to supporting the roll-out of this important technology one hundred per cent."

Last updated 01/07/2016