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Insurers highlight Pokemon No Go’s

While the nation is gripped by Pokemon Go fever, the Association of British Insurers has warned users not to get so swept up they have an accident.

The game, which is played in the real world but requires users to focus on their phones, was released in the UK today. While many people can and will safely enjoy the game, there is a risk that people make themselves vulnerable to accidents and even crime while playing.

To help, insurers are setting out three guidelines for safe “hunting and catching”:

  • Don’t drive and play – it is illegal to use a mobile phone to game while driving and doing so will increase the risk of serious accident
  • Be aware of your surroundings – there is higher risk of slip and trip accidents if you don’t pay attention
  • Be alert to those around you - displaying your mobile phone in public increases the risk of theft, so be careful about when and where you do it

Ross Penstone-Smith, Policy Adviser for General Insurance at the ABI, said:

"Playing Pokemon Go shouldn’t mean letting go of your senses. It’s important to remember that mobile phone users should always have their wits about them, drive carefully and watch out for hazards.

"While insurers will be there to help customers when they have accident or are victims of crime, it’s best for everyone if risks are avoided in the first place. Following these simple principles should reduce those risks while still allowing gamers to play to their hearts’ content."

Last updated 18/11/2016