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Water & Flood Damage Restoration: New ABI guide for repairing flooded buildings

A new practical guide to how insurers and their contractors should approach the restoration of water-damaged buildings is being launched today (Thursday 29th September) at the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Property Conference.

The online guidance, commissioned by the ABI’s property members and written by experts on water damaged buildings, is part of the sector’s commitment to modernising and speeding up the flood recovery process as much as possible.

The document runs through the key principles involved in building repair and restoration, including the importance of understanding the specific incident and building, the need for comprehensive damage investigations, evaluating alternative options before strip out and various drying methods.

Laura Hughes, General Insurance Policy Adviser at the ABI said:

Laura Hughes"Being flooded is a traumatic experience which can happen without warning and cause damage which affects people’s lives and livelilhoods for months. There are no short cuts when it comes to drying out and repairing a flooded home or business, but we are gaining new understanding all the time about which approaches are likely to be most effective.

"This guidance gathers together invaluable information for insurers and their supply chains which will help them avoid unnecessary claims costs and delays when dealing with properties badly damaged by water. Most importantly of all it will help ensure all possible steps are being taken to get customers back into their homes and businesses as quickly as possible."

Last updated 15/11/2016