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Government consultation to crackdown on whiplash should tackle impact on honest motorists

Commenting on the publication today (17 November) on proposals by the Ministry of Justice to tackle the unacceptably high level of whiplash-related personal injury claims, James Dalton, ABI’s Director of General Insurance Policy, said:

“The insurance industry has campaigned long and hard to tackle the impact of whiplash-related claims on honest motorists, so we welcome these proposals. Introducing a range of measures, such as limiting the compensation payable for these injuries, will help create a more honest system that doesn’t reward those who want to exploit it. If implemented, these reforms will ease some of the pressure recent increases in Insurance Premium Tax and repair costs are already putting on premiums.

"We will need to study proposals carefully and look forward to participating in this consultation, and the debate about how we can ensure fair compensation for genuine claimants and a fairer deal for motorists.”   

Last updated 19/11/2016