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Ice thieves leaving unwary motorists out in the cold this winter

Careless could mean carless in freezing winter temperatures

The ABI is warning that thieves are targeting vehicles left unattended while warming up and defrosting this winter. The first spell of plummeting temperatures this winter has already seen six cars stolen in a thirty minute spell in the West Midlands.

In recent winters:

  • Lancashire Police recorded 27 vehicles left this way over just 2 hours, with four of these stolen.
  • In a 36 hour period, West Midlands logged 100 unattended cars. Thirteen of these were stolen.
  • A criminal gang, known as The Ice Bandits, were jailed after stealing 16 cars across the North West.

Ben Howarth, ABI’s Policy Adviser, Motor and Liability, said:

“No one wants to freeze while defrosting their car. But, tempting though it is in the cold weather, never leave your vehicle with the engine running to warm up while you nip back inside, even if only for a few minutes. Stay with your car while it warms up, so it is you who drives away in it, and not a thief.  

Last updated 30/11/2016