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Insurers play a crucial role in helping flooded communities recover

Responding to the EFRA select committee report into future flood prevention, Head of Property at the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Mark Shepherd, said: 

Mark Shepherd“Making the country more flood resilient depends on the efforts of many different people and groups. It’s absolutely right that developers should be held liable for any flood problems they cause, and the insurance industry agrees there should be more information available about planning decisions made contrary to Environment Agency advice.  We proposed these ideas when giving evidence to the Committee’s inquiry and are keen to hear how Government plans to implement them.

“Insurers play a crucial role in helping flooded communities recover, and in trying to make those communities more resilient in the event of future flooding. The industry is a wholehearted supporter of efforts to increase the take-up of resilience measures for both homes and businesses.  Changing building regulations and making additional grant funding available for businesses should help with this.”

Steps taken by insurers to support resistant and resilient repairs in the wake of last winter’s storms include:

  • Staff on the ground have been trained in sharing information about resistant and resilient repairs, including how to access grants for the work
  • Cost-neutral measures are recommended and incorporated wherever possible, such as putting plug sockets higher up the wall
  • Where customers opt for additional resilient repairs, the insurer works alongside the contractors to have those works incorporated as part of the rebuild process to minimise delay as much as possible
  • Insurers have been using their purchasing power to buy resistance and resilience products in bulk, keeping costs down for customers and helping grants go as far as possible
  • Some local authorities have allowed insurers to fill in some of the paperwork for resilience grants to reduce the burden on customer

The ABI has produced its own consumer guide to flood resistance and resilience which is being circulated in flood affected areas.

Last updated 15/11/2016