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ABI publishes statistics timetable for 2017

The ABI has published timetables for 2017 general insurance and long-term insurance data.

The timetables show when the ABI Statistics Team will send out data templates for completion, the deadline for responses and when the ABI will publish the results based on the data provided by members.

The data we collect is invaluable to the work of the ABI and its members.

View the timetables below:

Changes to the 2017 timetables include:

  • The release/deadline dates for a few of the collections have been moved to later in the year to account for the new deadlines of the PRA returns.
  • The quarterly ‘Detailed Analysis of General Insurance’ collections have been replaced by an annual collection from 2017 onwards.
  • The half-yearly ‘Retirement Income’ collections have now become quarterly collections from 2017 onwards.
  • Alterations have been made to the format and content of the ‘Income & Outgo’ returns to align with Solvency II. Data providers will be informed of the finalised versions in early 2017.
  • There are changes to some of the returns to ensure the data requested meets the needs of members and the ABI. We have been in contact with the data providers for these returns to seek views on the changes.

Last updated 15/05/2017