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How to minimise the potential impact of flooding

With flood warnings along the east coast and hundreds of coastal residents being prepared for the possible evacuation of their homes, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is reminding people what steps they can take to try to minimise the potential impact.

Anyone living in an area where flooding is predicted to hit is advised to:
  •  Make sure you are signed up to the Environment Agency’s flood warnings service at https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/. Take note of any advice issued by the EA, your local council or the emergency services and stay safe.
  • Assemble a flood kit containing items such as their mobile phone, contact telephone numbers, a torch, a radio, batteries, insurance policy details, rubber gloves, hand cleaning gel, first aid kit and a bottle of water.
  • Move valuable and essential items to a higher place or upstairs if possible.
  • Consider moving your car to an area less likely to flood.
  • Ensure your pets are somewhere they can be cared for.
  • Install any temporary flood resistance measures such as flood gates or toilet bungs.
Insurers will also be making preparations in case properties are flooded, putting staff on standby and ensuring they can quickly access drying equipment and temporary accommodation if needed. Insurers operate 24 hour claim lines for anyone affected.

Mark Shepherd, Head of Property at the ABI, said:

“This is a crucial time to make sure you are aware of any flood risk in your area, and that you consider steps to protect yourself and your property. Being flooded is horribly traumatic, not just because of the immediate impact but because it can take so long to recover from. If the worst happens to your home or business, insurers are ready to help, on the phone and in person, whatever time of the day or night the flood water comes.”
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Last updated 18/01/2017