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ABI comments on improving lives announcement

Responding to the Government announcement on the Improving Lives: the future of work, health and disability, Raluca Boroianu-Omura, Assistant Director, Head of Health and Protection commented:

“We agree with the Government that ‘for our nation to reach its full potential, every one of its citizens much reach theirs’. We welcome the Government’s commitment to increase employment for people with disabilities by one million and to promote inclusive workplaces. It is encouraging to see that group income protection insurance (GIP) is recognised as part of the solution. GIP is an affordable product which can help all employers create positive workplaces, with the emphasis on preventing ill health and, when this does occur, reacting promptly to support employees and businesses.

To expand further the crucial safety net GIP offers, we have proposed measures to increase awareness and support greater take-up. We would like to see a tax incentive for employers who purchase GIP for their staff. We have also proposed creating annual protection statements which employers should issue to their employees to make them aware of their combined sick pay and benefit entitlement if absent from work due to health reasons.

The Government welcomed its engagement with the insurance industry on this important issue, and we will continue to work with them on our shared goal of improving workplace health.”

Last updated 30/11/2017