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What insurance do I need for Airbnb?

Insurance Questions Answered: 

I’m renting my property on Airbnb – will it still be covered by my home insurance?

If you are renting out your home or extra rooms on Airbnb or other room sharing websites, it’s crucial that you let your insurance company know before you let out your property. Otherwise your insurance company could be entitled to refuse any claim you make on the grounds of non-disclosure and could even invalidate your cover. This can be the case even if your claim is not due to damage caused by your guests.

Each insurance company will have its own policy when it comes to Airbnb and similar property rental companies, and though some insurers may still be willing provide you with home insurance they may not extend cover to damage caused by holidaymakers.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer bolt-on insurance products suitable for home hosting owners, so make sure you shop around to find the right cover to suit your needs or find a specialist insurance broker.

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Does Airbnb provide insurance for homeowners?

Some home share websites, such as Airbnb, offer schemes that help cover your property for any damage caused by guests. However, this tends to only be applicable to any damage caused to the rented property or room itself. Owners belongings, valuables, cash or pets are unlikely to be covered, nor will any communal areas of the building like the entrance halls in a block of flats, or a shared bike store.

In order for these to be covered you will need to speak to your home insurance provider to make sure that short term rentals are covered in your policy, or get a specialist add on policy, as mentioned above.

What other cover is available?

Some home share companies offer insurance products or guarantees, such as payment protection for those who book via their platforms or a security deposit. Remember to check the terms and conditions of the company you are using for their policy on reimbursement on damaged property.

Make sure you check with your own holiday letting company to see what cover they offer.  

Last updated 25/04/2019