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Climate change “demands a sustained and ambitious response”. ABI reaction to today’s announcement

Commenting on today’s announcement that the UK is adopting a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, Director General of the Association of British Insurers Huw Evans said:

Huw Evans, ABI Director General“Today’s target is a welcome effort to address the underlying causes of climate change. Insurers are on the front-line dealing with the results of rising temperatures and changing investment needs and so understand better than most the serious implications of a changing climate. We need a sustained and ambitious response to protect homes, businesses and communities around the world. The UK also needs to build its resilience to severe weather, ensuring vital flood defences keep pace with climate change and helping people take steps to improve their own protection.”

The Government announcement comes on the day the ABI unveils landmark new research, showing the current network of flood defences prevent an average of £1.1 billion of damage a year.

James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy at the ABI, said:

James Dalton, Director, General Insurance Policy“The barriers, walls and natural defences that currently prevent greater damage being done by the UK’s rivers during times of extreme weather make economic sense, but they must keep pace with the threat if they are to continue being effective. It’s essential the UK Government sticks to its ambitions on flood defence spending and doesn’t let the lack of severe flooding in recent years lull the country into a false sense of security.”

Details of today’s announcement on the value of flood defences are here: https://www.abi.org.uk/news/news-articles/2019/06/inland-flood-defences-save-the-uk-1.1-billion-a-year/

Last updated 12/06/2019