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Benefits of young driver restrictions "indisputable"

james-dalton.jpgWelcoming today’s announcement from DfT of a consultation into how to make young drivers safer, Director of General Insurance Policy at the Association of British Insurers, James Dalton, said:

“The potential for Graduated Driver Licensing to dramatically improve road safety in the UK is indisputable and insurers have long called for its introduction. Research commissioned by the Government in 2013 concluded evidence of its effectiveness was overwhelming and it has already delivered great results in places such as Canada, New Zealand, California and parts of Australia. Given this, the road safety action plan should focus on the practicalities of introducing such an approach without delay.

“The main aim must be to reduce deaths and serious injuries but it is also true that a dramatic reduction in accidents would do a lot to alleviate the pressure on insurance premiums for young drivers. This will be even more important given the recent move by Government to set the rate for major compensation payments in a way which is likely to increase motor insurance costs, particularly for those younger motorists.”

We have a page about all the evidence on Graduated Driver Licensing here. 

The 2013 report published by the Transport Research Laboratory, commissioned by Government, is here

Last updated 18/07/2019