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Flash flooding: Insurers swing into action to help those affected

With a spate of flash flooding affecting parts of the UK including Cheshire and Greater Manchester, insurers are working to support affected customers deal with the clean up and repairs. Laura Hughes, Manager, General Insurance, Association of British Insurers, said:

“Anyone who has suffered flood damage to their home or business should contact their insurer as soon as possible to get their claim moving. Insurers understand the disruption and distress that flooding causes, and will do all they can to help customers recover as quickly as possible, including advising them on what to do with flood damaged items. They will arrange inspection and repairs, and will organise any alternative temporary accommodation if the home is uninhabitable. Business policies may also cover the cost of temporary trading premises if needed.”

For more information, see our guide to recovering from a flood here.

Last updated 01/08/2019