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ABI responds to Budget 2020

Huw Evans.jpgCommenting on today’s Budget, Huw Evans, ABI Director General, said:

No change in the rate of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

 “Millions of insurance customers who do the right thing and take out insurance will be pleased to see that the rate of IPT has not been raised in this Budget.

 The Government should consider reducing IPT, as it is a regressive tax that hits the poorest households hardest.”  

On the increase in Government investment in flood defences

“We welcome this much-needed extra investment in Britain’s flood defences. The investment of £5.2billion over the next six years will come as some relief to those communities across the country at flood risk who live with the distress and disruption that flooding causes. However, this still falls short of what the ABI has said is needed, £1.2bn a year, to meet the growing risk of climate change. We look forward to seeing further details on this announcement.” 


Yvonne Braun.jpgCommenting on other issues of interest, Yvonne Braun, ABI’s Director of Policy, Long-Term Savings and Protection, said:

Taper Annual Allowance

 “Short of abolishing the overly complex Tapered Annual Allowance, these measures are the next best step. However, further tinkering with pensions tax relief is not a long-term solution. The system needs fundamental reform.”

Net Pay Consultation

“We warmly welcome this call for evidence as a first step towards closing the yawning gender pensions gap. It is unacceptable that 1.75 million low earners are currently missing out on pensions tax relief, three quarters of whom are women. We look forward to engaging with government as they work towards a solution.”

Increase in annual limit Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds

 “We welcome the increases in the annual limit to encourage a new generation of savers and build good savings habits to last a lifetime.”






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Last updated 11/03/2020