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Coronavirus – travel insurance pledges by ABI travel insurance members

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) is reassuring people that its member travel insurers are offering enhanced help and support to all their customers who may be understandably concerned about travelling overseas due to the Coronavirus.

The commitments include considering all valid claims for cancellation and travel disruption where compensation is not available elsewhere as quickly as possible, and, if necessary, ensuring that extra resources are available to offer prompt help and advice to customers.


ABI travel insurance members have pledged to:

  • Ensure that customers are provided with, or directed to, the most up-to-date information around the Coronavirus outbreak and publish clear information at the point-of-sale around the valid coverage of their policies.
  • Work closely with customers to signpost them to where compensation may be received for cancelled transport, holidays or an inability to travel abroad e.g. airlines, travel providers and travel agents.
  • Consider all valid travel insurance claims quickly and fairly for costs not recoverable from elsewhere arising from cancellation, travel curtailment or disruption so that customers receive a fair outcome.
  • Upon notification from their customers, help them consider their options for transferring their travel insurance to cover a new destination should people wish to make alternative travel plans.
  • Implement business continuity plans to be able to continue to handle travel insurance claims in challenging circumstances.
  • Be understanding of the difficulties customers may have in getting medical certification and consider, where appropriate, alternative evidence that customers may be able to provide.


Mark Shepherd, ABI’s Assistant Director, Head of General Insurance Policy, said:

“Travel insurers understand that this is a difficult time for people on or planning overseas trips. These public pledges reinforce insurers’ determination to do everything possible to help their customers make claims where they can, and direct them to other sources that may be able to help.”






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Last updated 04/03/2020