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Cost of motor insurance in 2021 was at a six-year low, but signs that cost pressures could be starting to bite according to the ABI

The average price paid by motorists for their motor insurance in 2021 fell to its lowest level in six years according to the ABI’s latest Motor Insurance Premium Tracker, published today. However, there is evidence that sustained cost pressures are beginning to impact the cost of cover. 

The ABI’s Tracker is the only survey that looks at the price consumers pay for their cover, rather than the price they are quoted.  

The latest Tracker out today shows that in 2021: 

  • The average price paid for comprehensive motor insurance was £434. This fell by 7% on 2020 to its lowest level since 2015.  
  •  In quarter 4 2021, the average premium paid rose by £11 on the previous quarter to £440. Despite this rise, the average premium was 3% lower than the same quarter of 2020. 

Pressure on premiums 

The rise in the average motor insurance premium paid in the last quarter 2021 highlights that continued cost pressures on insurers could be starting to filter through into the cost of cover.  

Between 2015 and 2020, the average amount paid for damage to policyholders’ vehicles increased by 59% and the average paid to third parties for damage to their vehicles rose by 32%. 

In addition, supply chain issues that are impacting on other sectors are causing some delays in accessing some replacement parts. 

With road traffic returning to pre-lockdown levels, claims are expected to rise. 

The introduction, on 1 January of rule changes by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to the pricing of motor and home insurance could, as the FCA say, lead to some consumers paying higher prices if they currently benefit from significant new business discounts. 

Laura Hughes, the ABI’s Manager, General Insurance, said:  

LauraHughesSept500x500.jpg“While we expect the motor insurance market to remain highly competitive in 2022, rising costs for parts, repairs and other supplies and services will continue to put pressure on premiums for motor insurance for both new and existing customers.  

“Insurers appreciate that many households are facing a cost-of-living squeeze with rising household bills as costs rise in other areas of the economy, and they will be doing all they can to ensure competitively priced motor insurance, in the face of the variety of cost pressures faced. 

“While the FCA pricing rule changes may well lead to fewer introductory discounts, it should still pay to shop around for the best deal for your needs.” 


Notes for Editors   


Please note that the data used to produce the ABI Motor Premium Tracker has been aggregated, anonymised and weighted as necessary so as to ensure that the information shared via the ABI Motor Premium Tracker is in full compliance with applicable competition/antitrust laws. As part of this, the number of contributors and each contributor's share of the total premiums relevant to each metric is being monitored in the interest of ensuring compliance with competition/antitrust laws on an ongoing basis. 

For the avoidance of doubt, the ABI stresses that the ABI Motor Premium Tracker is not intended for use as a reference price.  Any publication or comment facilitated or provided by the ABI in respect of the ABI Motor Premium Tracker (whether involving its Members or not) has been produced with the ABI's and its Members' competition/antitrust law obligations in mind.  The ABI otherwise strongly discourages Members from discussing the ABI Motor Premium Tracker or the underlying premium data directly with each other.  The ABI does not take any responsibility for or sanction such Member discussions and would recommend that Members take legal advice before proceeding with them.   

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Last updated 05/02/2022